Luigi Giagnorio

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Luigi Gagnorio - In 1998 he attended a set design course"The secrets of stage space" by Josef Svoboda (Modena).
- In 2002 he took part in a theatre laboratory at Le Moline theater in Bologna by Davide Amadei.
- In 2005 he collaborated in the accomplishment of set installation with the laboratory "Bidibodibib¨" .
- In 2003/04 he worked with set designer group "MAGMA SCENOGRAFIA" by Enrico Loversi (Bologna)
-In 1996 he displayed his own set design sketch of William Shakespeare's work "The Tempest" at the Modena Art Gallery
-In 2003 he set up scenes and costumes for the show "Aspirins in Purple Water" with new theatrical company "VIOLA A CIOCCHE"

Scenography samples


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